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For people who demand nothing but the best, celebrating its 50th anniversary, KYMCO proudly presents AK 550 (“Anniversary KYMCO”), a flagship maxi scooter that makes no compromise between everyday comfort and sheer riding pleasure. You can now proudly enjoy the best of both worlds as the AK 550 is the pioneer of the new scooter segment “Super Touring”, which provides both comfort and convenience of a scooter together with attitude and performance.FEATURES:
Premium Sporty Design • Smooth Power Output • Dual Power Mode • Keyless Ignition Control • Low Body Vibration • Low Seat Height • High Power To Weight Ratio • Intoxicating Exhaust Sound • Horizontal Rear Suspension • Low Center Of Gravity • Optimized Weight Distribution • Comprehensive Lightweight ConstructionGORGEOUS PREMIUM DESIGN
AK 550 sets the bar for the perfect integration of sport and premium designs with its utmost attention to every detail. From the streamlined gorgeous body with full LED lighting to the nicely sculptured emblems and multi-textured seating surfaces, it not only stands out from the crowd but also gives the rider the pride of ownership.COMPREHENSIVE LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION
AK 550's every component is engineered with the aim to achieve maximum strength with minimum weight. Its lightweight aluminum frame provides the rigidity necessary for spirited riding. The selected lightweight radial tire combined with the hollow designed low-pressure die casting aluminum wheels further reduce the unsprung weight.STRATEGIC CENTER OF GRAVITY PLACEMENT
AK 550 has the lowest center of gravity in its class. All body components are engineered to give the vehicle a near 50/50 front to rear weight distribution for perfect balance. This strategic placement of the center of gravity provides the most solid foundation for AK 550 to pursue its ultimate handling capability.UPSIDE-DOWN FORK FRONT SUSPENSION
AK 550 features upside-down fork front suspension with dual disk Brembo caliper brakes. It keeps the vehicle agile and steady during cornering and delivers stunning stopping power whenever needed.NEW GENERATION BOSCH ANTI-LOCK BRAKING SYSTEM
AK 550 is equipped with Bosch 9.1 ABS which works with both front and rear braking systems for the shortest braking distance at the highest stability. It reacts extremely fast during emergency braking and is the lightest ABS on the market today.HORIZONTAL TRAILING ARM REAR SUSPENSION
AK 550's three-stage reducer technology separates the weight of the engine from the transmission. It reduces the unsprung weight of the rear suspension and helps keep the wheel tightly attached to the ground at any time.POWERFUL 550CC DUAL CYLINDER ENGINE
AK 550's newly designed 550cc liquid-cooled dual-cylinder DOHC 8V engine is silky smooth and highly responsive. Its 39.3KW output generates powerful acceleration as well as impressive top speed. The power delivery is tuned to suit both spirited adventure as well as pleasant touring.DISTINCTIVELY FASCINATING SOUND
AK 550 produces fascinating acoustics that is crucial to the delivery of “The Thrills Of Touring”. The sound that roars from the twin cylinder engine through the carefully structured exhaust chamber is full of energy and passion that is simply distinctive and intoxicating.DUAL POWER MODES
AK 550 has two power modes for the riders to enjoy every journey in different weather conditions. Other than the normal “Full Power” setting, the “Rain Mode” provides the rider with milder power output and softer throttle response that suit wet surfaces with low grip.LOW SEAT HEIGHT
AK 550's low seat height design provides good ergonomics for riders of all sizes. Moreover, it keeps the whole center of gravity low when the rider is on board. The lower riding position not only gives the rider more confidence when maneuvering, but it also enhances the whole riding experience.PRACTICAL STORAGE SPACE
AK 550's underseat space is capable of storing one full face helmet and one semi cover helmet. It strikes a good balance between the needs for the large space for extended journey and the compact body design geared for spirited riding. There are also two glove compartments in front for the storage of smaller items.CONNECTIVITY
Noodoeputs the rider at the center of everything and makes every moment – from when you approach your KYMCO, through the journey, the parking, when you return, even stopping at a red light – an amazing and more-fun experience. It's a brilliant interplay of technologies and human needs that elevates your every interaction with your scooter into a heart-winning experience.LAMS APPROVED
Ride under the Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS).FACTORY WARRANTY
3-year factory warranty program* provides advanced product coverage and delivers a superior ownership experience.

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