Looking for a New 2016 Swm Enduro Rs 500R in Evanston South, SA? 2016 SWM ENDURO RS 500R MOTORCYCLE for sale in Evanston South, SA



  • There is no SWM RS500R designated as an ‘Adventure'. But playful is the way this bike makes a rider feel…playful in the same way a national A grader would feel entering a C-Grader's club race. It all seems so easy, and the fun is in being aggressive and watching the slower bikes fall behind and the surprised terror on the other riders' faces as you explode past.
  • Adventure Rider Magazine staffers have been wandering around humming, looking at watches and frowning. The arrival of the SWM Superdual seems to be taking a very long time. After about…ooo…the 50th phone call asking for an update, the folks at SWM tried to distract us. “We have a project bike,” they chuckled down the phone. “It's an adventurised RS500R enduro model. Would you like to give that a try?”
  • It was the Superdual we were losing sleep over, but while we were waiting we thought we might as well go thrash someone else's bike for a while. So we said, “Yeah. Okay. Whatever.” After a day's roosting around on this partly converted enduro weapon we're just a little in awe.
  • If you build it
  • The bike seen here is an ex-media unit that Mark from MRD Motorcycles in North Richmond, NSW, has been setting up. The idea was to take the enduro-ready weapon and not so much knock the edges off it, but smooth the competitive aggression to make it a little more adventure-friendly. SWM's NSW and ACT Area Manager Bob Walters told us the background: “The brief was to build a hard-core adventure bike that was lightweight – 112kg without fuel – that was a hoot in single trail, but would still be good on the road and fire trail,” said Bob, heaving the bike back onto its wheels after a rush of blood on a forest trail. “It needed a good fuel range and had to be comfortable over long distances. “We also wanted to use as many genuine SWM and locally sourced parts as possible.” When we rode the bike it was still a work in progress, but holy conquer the world, Batman! It's a pearler! So far An SWM RS500R Roof Of Africa rallye bike was the inspiration for this Australian build, and when we see the pics we can understand why. It's gorgeous. The Aussie bike isn't up to the cosmetic stage yet, so it's not properly stickered up and buffed as it will eventually be, but so far the changes include
  • R A 19-litre Safari Tanks tank (Husky 510 08/09 model)
  • R Husky sidecovers (needed to fit the Safari tank)
  • R Seat Concepts seat foam and cover on a second-hand Husky TE510 seat base
  • R SWM Superdual screen and mounting bracket
  • R JT 15/45 sprockets for taller gearing (standard is 13/47)
  • R Force/SWM bashplate and radiator guards
  • R Pivot Pegz
  • R ROX 50mm bar risers
  • R Arrow muffler and FI map
  • R Circuit Racing fork covers/wiper
  • R Barkbusters
  • Kenda Big Block front and rear, AND
  • R Kenda Tuff Tubes front and rear.
  • That's not a big list, really. But the result left us grinning from one side of our mud-spattered faces to the other.
  • Read the article attached and see what they are all excited about.
  • If you want one discusss what you want built and John will make it happen.

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